8:00 am Morning Networking Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Expanding the E3 Ligase Repertoire to Unlock Novel Druggable Targets & Broaden the Therapeutic Application of Molecular Glues

9:00 am Leveraging E3 Ligase-Agnostic Discovery to Identify, Optimize and Characterize Novel Cyclin K Molecular Glue Degraders

9:30 am Machine Learning for Rapid Screening of Weak Degrons Across Multiple E3 Ligases

  • Randolph Lopez Co- Founder & Chief Technology Officer, A-Alpha Bio Inc.

10:00 am Guiding Target Selection & Lead Optimization for a Molecular Glue Degrader

  • Joshua Apgar Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Applied BioMath

10:30 am Morning Networking Break & Poster Session

Mechanistic Characterization of Molecular Glues to Unravel the Diversity in Degrading, Activating & Stabilizing Functions

11:30 am A New Shot on Goal for Inhibiting Hard to Drug Targets

  • Rick Ewing Vice President, Head of Chemistry, Rapafusyn Pharmaceuticals

12:00 pm Spearheading Stabilization as an Emerging Approach to Expand the Clinically Relevant Target Space of Next-Generation Molecular Glues

  • Yongxin Han Executive Vice President & Head of Drug Discovery, Nested Therapeutics

12:30 pm Leveraging AI and Cryo-EM for the Discovery of Proximity-Inducing Molecular Glues

  • Jason Crawford Executive Vice President, Drug Discovery, Gandeeva Therapeutics

1:00 pm MOPEDTM: A Novel Platform for the Discovery of Molecular Glues

  • Corey Strickland Vice President & Head of Molecular Technology, SK Life Science Labs

1:30 pm Networking Lunch Break

Addressing Pharmacological Unknowns & Understanding Regulatory Packages to Drive Pre- Clinical & Clinical Progression

2:30 pm Round Table Discussion: Leveraging the Clinical Learnings from the First Generation of Molecular Glue to Accelerate the Progression of Safe & Effective Novel Candidates

3:00 pm The Pin Platform for Discovering & Developing Molecular Glues for New E3 Ligases

  • Byron DeLaBarre Chief Technology Officer & Head Of Platform, Pin Therapeutics

3:30 pm Leveraging the Progression of Molecular Glues in the Clinic to Better Inform the Translation of Novel Glue Candidates

4:00 pm Chairs Closing Remarks & End of 2nd Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit 2024