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As recent advances in degrading molecular glues from the bench to the clinic significantly expand the druggable target space, the 2nd Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit returned with 3 days of jam-packed content to address burning questions including but not limited to:

Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit

How can AI supplement the forward prediction of molecular glue rational discovery?

Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit

How to leverage structural biology technologies to uncover the properties of ternary complexes?

Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit

How to ensure high bioavailability of orally delivered molecular glues?

Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit

How can we comprehensively expand the glueable E3 Ligase landscape beyond CRBN, VHL and DCAF15?

Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit

How to fast-track IND-filing & accelerate the progression of novel molecular glue candidates into the clinic?

2024 Attendees had the opportunity to:

Unlock the potential of AI-led discovery platforms to overcome predictive constraints and accelerate target-centric development of next-generation molecular glues with insights from AstraZeneca, Exscientia & Monte Rosa Therapeutics

Advance the rational design of safe and effective molecular glue degraders with a deep dive into unbiased and high-throughput screening technologies, ideal molecular glue properties and the gluable target space with insights from Amgen, Plexium & Triana Biomedicines

Leverage structural and biophysical insights to improve the characterization of protein engagements and inform the preclinical and clinical progression of highly cooperative molecular glue candidates with learnings from Ambagon Therapeutics, Neomorph & University of Dundee

Harness optimal drug properties native to molecular glues and lead the development of molecular glue candidates with non-degrading functions, including stabilizing compounds with insights from Nested Therapeutics & Proteovant Therapeutics

Innovate novel discovery pipelines to logically drug diseases within oncology, CNS, immunology and other high-value disease targets including the undruggables with learnings from Lyterian Therapeutics & Revolution Medicine