Byron DeLaBarre

Byron DeLaBarre

Company: Pin Therapeutics

Job title: Head of Platform


The Pin Platform for Discovering & Developing Molecular Glues for New E3 Ligases 2:30 pm

Identify novel ligands and characterizing the ternary complex Monitoring novel E3 ligase molecular glue-induced degradation in vitro Determining the in vivo efficacy of novel PinGlue candidatesRead more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Delving Beyond Oral Drugs & Investigating Broader Delivery Approaches for Molecular Glues to Induce Systemic Versus Localised Outcomes 4:00 pm

How to ensure high bioavailability of orally delivered molecular glues? How to tailor systemic exposure to minimize toxicity, adverse effects and ensure long-term patient safety? What is the utility of antibody drug conjugated Molecular Glue delivery and how is potency addressed?Read more

day: Day One

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