8:00 am
Registration & Morning Networking Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Tackling the Rationale Design of Next-Generation Molecular Glues to Screen for & Validate High Value Clinical Candidates

9:00 am Pioneering the Development of Next Generation Molecular Glues using RNA Signature Profiling to Improve Hit Finding

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Envisioning the Rational Design of Molecular Glues to Generate Clinically Relevant Candidates with High Value Therapeutic Applications

10:30 am Accelerating Molecular Glue Discovery through AI/ML & Computation

  • Lena Dolgikh Head of CADD and Director of Computational Chemistry, Monte Rosa Therapeutics

11:00 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


Our speed networking is the ideal opportunity to get face-to-face time with many

of the brightest minds working in the field & introduce yourself to the attendees

that you would like to have more in-depth conversations with. Benchmark against

industry leaders & establish meaningful business relationships to pursue for the

rest of the conference & beyond.

Optimizing Molecular Glues Towards Cooperativity Through Mapping the Protein-Protein Interface Composition

12:00 pm Interrogating the Protein-Protein Interface to Leverage the Bottom-Up Development of Molecule Glues Irrespective of a Defined Target Protein

12:30 pm Session Reserved for Promega

1:00 pm Utilizing Ternary Complex Structures to Streamline Molecular Glue Development


  • Using structural biology technologies to uncover the properties of ternary complexes and identify glycine-containing degrons and novel degrons
  • Understanding how to leverage ternary complex dynamics to direct drug discovery
  • Using data processing packages to streamline the manipulation of complex structural data

1:30 pm Networking Lunch Break

Deciphering the Strategy to Develop Therapeutically Relevant Molecular Glues Across a Wider Spectrum of Diseases

2:30 pm Targeting RAS(ON) with Tri-Complex Inhibitors

3:00 pm A First-in-Class WIZ Molecular Glue for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease

3:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break

4:00 pm Panel Discussion: Delving Beyond Oral Drugs & Investigating Broader Delivery Approaches for Molecular Glues to Induce Systemic Versus Localised Outcomes

  • Byron DeLaBarre Chief Technology Officer & Head of Platform, Pin Therapeutics
  • Simon bailey Executive Vice President & Head of Drug Discovery, Plexium Inc.
  • Amine Sadok Director - Induced Proximity Platform, Amgen Inc.

4:30 pm Looking Beyond Isolated Domains to Enhance Chemically-Induced Proximity

  • Angus Cowan Senior Drug Discovery Scientist, University of Dundee

5:00 pm Chairs Closing Remarks & End of Conference Day One